e-Invoicing for One-Click Purchase Invoice Accounting that ensures Fool-proof Invoice Matching between Suppliers and Buyers 

"Buyers" post invoices at a click and so "Suppliers" can get payments faster. Saves huge bookkeeping time, accounts reconciliation and monitoring cost and strengthen relationships

Free 5 Suppliers/Buyers Connectivity for Ready-to-use Software for Tally and Busy 

Advantages to adopt e-Invoicing Solution
  • The most efficient way to exchange e-Invoices enabling timely accounting 
  • No re-keying of invoices and booked more quickly and accurately
  • Cost reduction due to advanced robotic automation
  • Free 5 Suppliers/Buyers connectivity to experience and share unlimited e-Invoices with them
  • Pricing based on number of suppliers and buyers and volume of transactions
  • High Return on Investment for Suppliers and Buyers both

Connect with Five Supliers/Customers for Free

Send and Receive unlimited e-Invoices  

Incoming e-Invoicing for One-Click Invoice Entry 

Post invoices  much faster and accurately than with manual entry one by one.  Artificial Intelligence to map and manage your present accounting practices like stock items , and tax classfication etc

Outgoing e-Invoicing to Get Paid Faster

Enabling  buyers for faster processing of invoices means timely payment for suppliers with less follow up. Faciliatates to send one by one or auto send as per the choice/setting  for every customer

Learn e-INVOICING within 15 Minutes

Demo Videos

Get Familar with Interface

Sending e-Invoices

One Click Posting of

Connect a Tally Company 

Installation Steps

Connect a Busy Company

Register a User with AccXchange

Resend Modified e-Invoice

Repost Modified e-Invoice

Connect Your ERP for e-Invoicing

Once your ERP connects with AccXchange , your users can connect their partner network for exchanging e-Invoices and other e-transactions with your application as well as all of already connected applications 

AccXchange is already connected with Tally and Busy and we are working to connect all other popular brands